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The Pix is a 2 way passive screen loudspeaker system, suitable for small to medium sized rooms. The low frequency section consists of a single 15 inch bass driver housed in a bass reflex enclosure. The electronic filter network is also housed inside the low frequency cabinet and provides connection and crossover facilities to the high frequency section.

The specially engineered bass driver is a professional low frequency loudspeaker and offers superb bass performance, high peak program power handling and high efficiency and is therefore capable of extreme sound pressure levels. The smooth response, wide frequency and dynamic range are features not often found in one model. The bass driver has a massive ferrite magnet structure with components engineered to achieve maximum efficiency. Symmetrical gap geometry, combined with the large linear voice coil travel, ensures minimum distortion at all levels. The driver also features a purpose cast ribbed cone of specially selected paper and treatments which produce extreme bass levels.

The 1¾ inch diameter voice coil, professional compression driver features a ferrite magnet system and a high temperature treated polyethylene dome and suspension. This is attached to a precision lightweight voice coil made from edgewound aluminium ribbon, on a high temperature Kapton former. Mounted to the Krix designed 90º x 40º horn, the HF section sits atop the single 15 inch cabinet via a mounting bracket that offers both vertical and horizontal tilt.

The Pix provides exceptionally high acoustic power output over an extremely wide frequency range, with low harmonic distortion and excellent power handling. This is especially evident in the third harmonic, in the critical 1kHz - 3kHz speech region.


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Frequency Range
38Hz to 16kHz in room response (-10dB)
Power Handling
Maximum 500 watts RMS amplifier power
96dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre
Single 15 inch 2-way
Bass Driver(s)
Low Frequency - Single 380mm (15") high stiffness paper cone driver with 77mm (3") voice coil of optimal length for increased linear excursion, wound on high temperature apical former and powerful vented magnet assembly designed for low distortion
Treble - A Krix patented designed 90º x 40º short throw horn driven by a compression driver with a 1" throat 1¾" edge-wound aluminium voice coil and Nomex former
Crossover Points
900Hz passive - contact Krix directly for bi-amped active filter parameters
Nominally 8 ohms
Enclosure Type
Bass reflex, front vented
Low Frequency Cabinet: (790mm high x 565mm wide x 340mm deep) - High Frequency Horn & Bracket: (385mm high x 340mm wide x 300mm deep) - Total Dimensions: 1175mm high x 565mm wide x 340mm deep
18mm MDF for the low frequency cabinet and Dough Moulding Compound (DMC) for the horns and bracketing fabricated from laser-cut mild steel
Input Terminals
200 amp proprietary terminal posts which will accept up to 6mm diameter cable
45 litres internal
Low Frequency Cabinet: (33kg) - High Frequency Horn & Bracket: (5kg) - Total Assembled: 38kg

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Customer Reviews

high end



Overall rating:
these speakers are more than just the best cinema speaker you can buy but are just as good with music they are up there with any excite speakers



Overall rating:
i have owned these speakers now since last year the center i brought a few months ago , in stereo they beat many flag ship speakers i have heard,costing thousands of dollars more .

not only is the dynamic range are the best that i have heard but they are also very spacial i had the center speaker specially designed by the boys at krix to fit under the screen as i do not have a perforated screen. the sound is better than the village cinema even though it krix speaker. i finally have the the system of my dreams but the roon to put them in and its not a very large room