Krix speakers at ISE booth 2024

Behind the scenes at ISE

As technology continues to evolve, trade shows become the epicentre for showcasing cutting-edge innovations. One of the most anticipated events in the audiovisual and integrated systems industry is Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) held in Barcelona.

This year at ISE, alongside our wonderful partners and leading audio and visual technology innovators Trinnov, Barco Residential and Officina Acustica, we presented an immersive 13.1.6 speaker layout. The demonstration room featured an impressive array of 14 subwoofers, powered by Trinnov’s new Waveforming technology.

The journey towards creating a spectacular display cinema room for ISE 2024 began long before the event itself. In November 2023, the pre-build phase is crucial for meticulous planning and preparation. Here’s a glimpse into the key elements involved:

Conceptualisation and design:

Collaborate with designers, partners and engineers to conceptualise the cinema room layout, ensuring optimal use of space and an immersive experience for attendees.

Determine the type of technology and engineering to be showcased and discuss with the internal research and development team, sales and marketing, and directors of the business.

Technology selection:

Identify and source state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment from leading manufacturers to ensure compatibility and seamless integration of all components for a cohesive and immersive cinematic experience.

ISE 2024 includes the following fantastic partners:

Acoustic planning:

With their magnificent and stunning room builds, Officina Acustica’s engineers design a soundproof environment that enhances the sound experience. This includes sound absorption materials and minimising external noise interference.

Infrastructure setup:

Plan the layout for electrical wiring, data connections, and control systems. Ensure that the infrastructure supports the demands of high-end audiovisual equipment and allows for flexibility in configuration.

Research and development:

Innovation’s core is the intricate process of engineering, research and development (R&D). Our in-house team of engineers and designers collaboratively push the boundaries of what’s possible in audiovisual technology. The synergy between engineering precision and R&D creativity ensures that the equipment not only meets but exceeds the expectations of industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Manufacturing and freight:

The manufacturing process takes place at our state-of-the-art facility in Adelaide, Australia. Here, skilled technicians meticulously craft each component.

Once the equipment is precision-engineered,  assembled and tested in Adelaide, the next step is to transport the speakers across the globe, first to Italy for the pre-build and on to Barcelona for ISE. This logistical feat involves coordinating a seamless freight operation and requires the equipment to be securely packed and loaded onto freight containers.

Testing and calibration (2023):

To ensure a seamless event at ISE, all partners convene in late 2023 to perform a pre-build of the room and thorough testing of the equipment to identify any issues and address them before the main event.

The system is tested, calibrated, tested and calibrated again to ensure that all audio and video components achieve the best possible performance, accounting for the specific conditions of the trade show venue.

Trade show setup (ISE 2024):

With the groundwork laid during the pre-build phase, the actual setup at ISE 2024 becomes somewhat of a seamless process but also includes setting up equipment and social spaces outside of the actual cinema room.

Kirx products: OWX-50, OWX-55, Hyperphonix 45, LX-7 and KA-1100Once the room is built, chosen demo scenes are played, and the system is calibrated and fine-tuned to account for the trade show venue’s unique and visual characteristics and ambient noise levels.

Finished ISE room inside 2024Setting up a display cinema room at Integrated Systems Europe 2024 involves a meticulous pre-build phase and on-site execution, combining technological innovation, design expertise, and a commitment to delivering an unparalleled sound experience.

The end result is not just a showcase of the

latest advancements but a glimpse into the future of cinematic technology. Attendees can expect to be transported into a world where sight and sound converge to create an immersive and unforgettable experience.

For the ultimate sound experience, listen to it through Krix.