Feel the rumble of stampeding horses, the shriek from a wailing banshee, the scuff of footsteps on weathered floorboards  – for a truly immersive sound experience that can only come from a lifetime in cinema, it’s got to be Krix.


Supplying national and international cinema multiplexes for over 35 years, Krix are world renowned for high quality, high performance speaker systems. Decades of in-house research and design, incorporating constant directivity horn technology, have produced precision coverage and extremely uniform frequency response, allowing every seat in the cinema to experience improvements in clarity and definition.


With drivers designed to handle high power, Krix commercial cinema speakers provide a vast, immersive sound with optimum dispersion, vocal intelligibility, and responsive bass – ensuring every movie soundtrack is delivered with control, clarity and effortless power.


For the ultimate cinema experience, play it through Krix.

2 Way


These 2 way screen speakers are the foundation of every great cinema.

3 Way


Featuring a midrange horn for greater clarity and a smooth response, these 3 way screen speakers render every soundtrack with precision and authority.

4 Way


These 4 way screen speakers will deliver maximum clarity and impact to the largest of cinemas.



Capture and immerse the audience with the Krix range of commercial surround speakers.



From large screen to surround LFE, Krix’s range of subwoofers will bring the biggest impact to any size cinema.

Let our support team guide you through the selection process to ensure you achieve the ultimate cinema experience.