Dolby Atmos VOX Cinema

Muscat is the capital city of Oman, a country which shares borders with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen. The capital is home to many of the country’s major hotels, restaurants and entertainment complexes.

VOX Cinemas decided this would be the ultimate location to add another Dolby Atmos Cinema to their growing chain.

Starting with the room dimensions (20m x 23m) and housing an impressive 249 seats, Mark Smith – Technical Manager for VOX, designed the cinema to cater for the high specifications of the new Dolby Atmos format.

“Our design brief at VOX cinemas is to provide the best movie going experience to every customer” said Mark Smith, Technical Manager for VOX.

To ensure the Dolby Atmos standards were met, the following loudspeaker system was installed using Krix throughout the cinema:

– 5 x KX-5986T 4-way screen channels
– 6 x KX-4610 dual 18 inch subwoofers
– 8 x KX-1152 15 inch very high powered (and efficient) surrounds
– 24 x KX-1570 12 inch high powered dual concentric surrounds
– 14 x KX-1570.F 12inch dual concentric flat ceiling surrounds




The KX-1152 surrounds were chosen for the front 2 rows of surrounds to meet the required 99dB continuous SPL to the reference point. The KX-1570’s were chosen to fulfil this requirement for the remaining surrounds.

In line with the Krix design philosophy, excellent timbre matching was achieved throughout, simplifying equalisation in the cinema. Ashley Krix visited the cinema in a recent trip to Oman.

“The end result was something that needed to be heard to be believed – it’s an exciting time for the cinema industry as a whole.”