World First DTS:X Pro Demonstration at HiFi2020

Update 13/03/2020:
Unfortunately the Sydney HiFi2020 Show has been postponed due to concerns over the Coronavirus, and the impact this may have on exhibitors and attendees. We think this is the safest and most responsible decision to make during this time and would like to thank our show partners for their support.

Krix are pleased to announce that Australia will soon play host to another world-first home cinema demonstration – a full-specification DTS:X Pro 30.2 system.

In the ultimate home cinema partnership, Krix and Trinnov will once again be joining forces to put on a show of epic proportions – demonstrating the dramatic improvement a high speaker count can have on spatial resolution and realism.

In an Australian first, Krix will be exhibiting their flagship Series MX system, the recently announced MX-40. This specific MX-40 will be “super-charged” to reach the maximum channels of the DTS:X Pro spec, with the one-of-a-kind modular system being upgraded to house 5 screen speakers and 4 subwoofers. An additional 31 speakers and subwoofers will round-out the ensemble to deliver an unforgettably immersive, ground-shaking experience.




At the heart of the system will be the world-leading Trinnov Altitude32 processor and Altitude48 extension handling 45 channels of audio once bi-amplification and subwoofers are taken into account. Time, phase, frequency and impulse will all be measured and calibrated accordingly, to deliver an experience that will re-define expectations of immersive home cinema sound.

Witness the new Trinnov and Krix home cinema trailer in full DTS:X Pro, along with other thrilling, explosive and heartfelt scenes from the latest movies.


This next-level home cinema will be found at the heart of the HiFi2020 Show, held from the 3rd to 5th of April at the Novotel Sydney Central Hotel.

To be part of the action, you’ll need HiFi2020 tickets found here, along with free tickets to the demonstration which can be booked here.