Equinox Angle


  • Small space, big sound
  • Ideal for apartment living
  • Full, revealing sound

A favourite among 2 channel enthusiasts, this compact bookshelf speaker will bring your music collection to life. On stands or mounts, they can also provide surround effects for your multi-channel system.

Black Woodgrain  Atlantic Jarrah Blackwood

Available finishes

$1095.00 PER PAIR

Black Woodgrain


$1375.00 PER PAIR

Atlantic Jarrah

“… an unforced sense of scale and breadth of soundstage”

– Audio & Video Lifestyle Magazine

“… an unforced sense of scale and breadth of soundstage”

– Audio & Video Lifestyle Magazine


For a big sound from a small speaker, the Equinox Mk5 will astonish and surprise.  With finesse and power punching well above its weight, it can be tucked-away while still filling the room with sound.


Deceptively compact, the Equinox Mk5 are ideal for 2 channel hi-fi – allowing you to play your favorite records, CD’s or digital files with clarity – but can also be used on stands as side or rear surround speakers in a Krix home theatre.


The mid-range and bass come from a high grade 130mm driver with a doped curvilinear paper cone, over-sized voice coil, and powerful magnet, while extended frequency response is delivered through a 26mm ring radiator tweeter. Combined with its bass reflex design, the result is an efficient but balanced bass sound with a revealing, detailed high end, performing well beyond the relatively small cabinet size of the speaker.


For the ultimate sound experience at home, play it through Krix.


Frequency range
45Hz-40kHz in room response

Power handling
20 – 120 Watts RMS recommended amplifier power

88dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre

Nominally 6 Ohms (minimum 3.6 Ohms)


Enclosure type
Bass reflex, rear vented with internal bracing

295mm high x 175mm wide x 235mm deep

Low frequency driver
Cast aluminium basket with a nominal 130mm (5″) doped curvilinear paper cone. 30mm (1.2″) vented magnet voice coil wound on high temperature kapton former, with copper shorting ring

High frequency driver
26mm (1″) dual concentric diaphragm with wave-guide centre plug for controlled directivity. Non-reflective dual chambered magnet structure with copper shorting ring to lower distortion

Input terminals
Gold plated binding posts

6kg each

“Close your eyes and you’re not listening to a pair of small speakers…”

– Nic Tatham [Audio & Video Lifestyle Magazine]