Hyperphonix 45 Angle


  • High sensitivity and power handling, precise pattern control
  • Immersive surround or overhead effects
  • Compact, angled design
  • Suitable for wall, ceiling, vertical and horizontal mounting
  • Included bracket allows for 45 degrees or flush mounting

The Hyperphonix 45 is a high power, high sensitivity surround and overhead speaker featuring a 45 degree baffle to deliver sound directly to your seat.

Cinema Black

Available finish

$2895.00 PER PAIR

Cinema Black with grille and bracket


A surround or overhead speaker can be called upon to deliver high-powered movie effects, from dinosaurs roaring overhead to helicopter blades crashing into steel buildings. The latest sound formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X rely on these speakers for dynamic, realistic and immersive sound. Directing these effects to the main seating area while providing incredible output capability is where the compact Hyperphonix 45 speaker excels.


Installed vertically or horizontally, the Hyperphonix 45 is best used in locations where the speaker would normally be considerably off-axis to the main listening position. These positions are prevalent in almost all home cinemas – prime examples are the front wide, front height, top front, top rear, rear height and rear surround positions. By angling the speaker baffle towards your seat, the high frequency response is improved and significantly less equalisation is required.


The Hyperphonix 45 can also be installed “flat” to the wall for speaker positions that are more on-axis with the seating locations (see installation guide for mounting options). The speaker can also be mounted tightly into a corner.


Perfectly suited to home cinema applications, the Hyperphonix 45 features a newly developed 90 x 90 Krix short throw waveguide which significantly improves dispersion characteristics and increases efficiency for very high output levels. The 165mm bass driver incorporates a huge 50mm voice coil designed for high-fidelity, high-output applications.


Each speaker includes a bracket and black cloth grille with adjustable badge (horizontal or vertical orientation), ensuring the speaker looks great and is easy to install.


For the ultimate cinema experience at home, play it through Krix.


Frequency range
60Hz-20kHz in room response

Power handling
50-250 Watts RMS recommended amplifier power

92dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre

8 Ohms


Enclosure type
Bass reflex, front vented

470mm high x 276mm wide x 195mm/124mm deep (please see technical drawing)

Low frequency driver
Single 165mm (6 1/2”) paper cone driver. 50mm (2”) voice coil wound on high powered kapton former, with ventilated spider and aluminium flux stabilisation ring for low distortion

High frequency driver
26mm (1”) doped fabric dome with large roll surround. Ferro fluid cooled. Coupled to a Krix designed 90 x 90 short throw waveguide

Crossover point

Input terminals
High current terminals featuring 5mm hole to accept up to 10 AWG cable

6kg each

Best Buys Audio & AV Magazine


For a real ‘cinema sound’ at home, it makes sense to use similar technology to the real thing, to get the experience as close as possible. But why compromise on ‘close’? The Krix Series SX range is the real thing, scaled down to fit within the constraints of the home. It proved monumental in its ability to deliver soundtracks at full throttle, yet delicate and sophisticated enough to play music at the heights of realism. Simply superb.

Sound+ Image Awards 2016 – Custom Installation Product of the Year


Series SX are a home cinema fan’s dream. Built for multiple installation applications, these highly sensitive speakers can fill your dedicated room with spine-tingling, gut-wrenching cinema sound. Sound+Image Magazine agreed, and awarded the range the Custom Installation Product of the Year.