• Exceptional concealed performance
  • Fits inside 70mm wall cavity
  • Fully enclosed backbox
  • Trimless magnetic grille

Discretely hidden behind a one-piece magnetic grille, the IW-50 presents an exceptional soundstage for music and movies.

White Black

Available colours

$795.00 PER UNIT

White Grille

$851.00 PER UNIT

Black Grille

“…aesthetic neatness with high quality sonic delivery”

– Best Buys Audio & AV Magazine

“…aesthetic neatness with high quality sonic delivery”

– Best Buys Audio & AV Magazine


Perfect for home theatre or your media room as main front speakers or side and rear surrounds, the IW-50 (Symmetrix) also perform equally well for two-channel stereo, with the ability to produce your favourite album with power and clarity.


The fully enclosed rear cabinet guarantees the best possible bass performance, independent of the shape or size of the wall cavity, and also minimises sound transference into adjoining rooms.


With an effective dual 100mm bass driver design and a 26mm ring radiator tweeter that boasts a wave guide centre plug for controlled directivity, the IW-50 allows you to experience a well-balanced tonal structure with excellent bass output, all with a depth of clarity unsurpassed in a speaker of this size.


The IW-50 will fit into a standard 70mm stud wall, allowing 10mm for gyprock depth. The stainless steel, single piece trimless grille is rust-resistant and comes in a white finish that can be easily painted to match your wall colour.


For the ultimate sound experience at home, play it through Krix.


Frequency range
55Hz-40kHz in room response

Power handling
20 – 140 Watts RMS recommended amplifier power

89dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre

Nominally 6 Ohms (minimum 3.5 Ohms)

D’Appolito, 2-way

Cut-out dimensions
555mm x 170mm recommended

596mm high x 211mm wide x 79mm mounting depth

Low frequency drivers
2 x nominal 100mm (4”) doped paper cones. 25mm (1”) voice coil wound on high temperature Kapton former

High frequency driver
26mm (1”) dual concentric diaphragm with wave-guide centre plug for controlled directivity. Neodymium magnet

Input terminals
Gold plated spring terminals

Enclosure type
Bass reflex, front vented

4kg each

“… restrained yet fully revealing of the content and always highly musical”

– [Best Buys Audio & AV Magazine]

Best Buys Audio & AV Magazine


Perhaps even more importantly, they have a known performance because the parameters of the enclosure are known. Whereas open-back speakers could find themselves in practice located in anything from a tiny acoustic suspension enclosure, or with a massively underdamped space behind them.


With the Symmetrix speaker, Krix has come up with a high-quality and highly practical solution to the problem of proliferating home theatre loudspeaker locations.

Best Buys Audio & AV Magazine


The high-value Krix speaker components proved their ability to deliver fully immersive and powerful surround sound even in the relatively limited space of a three-seat cinema.


Impressively, also, the Symmetrix speakers still fit within the depth of a standard 70mm wall cavity.