Krix unveil stand-alone subwoofer amplifier, the KA-1100

The KA-1100 subwoofer amplifier has been engineered with Krix dedicated home cinema users in mind. The first stand-alone subwoofer amplifier from Krix features pre-set modes for MX-5, MX-10, Cyclonix 11 and Cyclonix 12 subwoofers. The amplifier will enhance the maximum impact and dynamics these products offer, to ensure enthusiasts revel in their favourite real cinema at home experience.

Designed, assembled, and tested in South Australia, the KA-1100 is equipped with a 24-bit signal processor board, paired with Class D amplification from ICEpowerTM. In addition, a high-current, switch-mode power supply ensures full power can be delivered for sustained periods.

The KA-1100 is packed with features for the avid home cinema enthusiast – low/high pass filters, soft limiting, signal phase inversion, signal sensing, 12V trigger input, single/dual input modes, over-current and overtemperature protection. The KA-1100 has a fan-less design which minimises power consumption and makes the unit completely silent when in operation, perfect for installations where the amplifier is located in the same room as the viewer.

The sleek and modern design allows the unit to blend in with any furniture and cabinetry, or stylishly sit amongst other electronic equipment within a rack (rack ears are included). The brushed aluminium fascia is easily removable for access to all controls.

Krix Managing Director, Gary Krix says ‘We saw the need to design a stand-alone amplifier for our passive subwoofers. While there are other brands on the market with great features, we couldn’t find a model that included all the features we required in one unit. Offering a stylish and silent amplifier with 12V trigger and custom DSP modes makes the process easy for our dealers and end-users, and guarantees they are getting the maximum performance from their equipment.’

The KA-1100 Amplifier is available for order now via your local Krix dealer. A list of Krix dealers can be found via

The KA-1100 Amplifier specification sheet, images and more information can be found at

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