2 Way Screen Speaker
  • Extended response 1 ¾” voice coil compression driver
  • Patented constant directivity horn technology
  • Proprietary Krix ‘X Bracing’ system

Cinema Black

Available finish

Recommended maximum depth – 11 metres


The KX-5205 features a 15″ bass driver and an extended response, 1¾” diameter compression driver, coupled with a Krix proprietary 90 x 40 degree horn.


Using sophisticated loudspeaker modelling techniques, the acoustic loading and pattern control have been engineered to achieve industry leading low distortion and smooth directivity characteristics. Patented constant directivity horn technology provides precision coverage and extremely uniform frequency response, ensuring every seat in the cinema experiences improvements in clarity and definition.


A sleek, mitred bass enclosure incorporates the Krix proprietary ‘X Bracing’ system, suppressing standing waves and reducing panel resonance.


The Krix engineered bass driver boasts a large ferrite magnet structure, dual aluminium shorting rings and symmetrical gap geometry for minimum distortion at all levels.


For the ultimate sound experience in cinema, play it through Krix.