It’s here… Introducing the MX-40!

The Krix Series MX range has expanded considerably since the initial release in 2015, with recent additions of the MX-5 and MX-10 late last year. These modular behind screen speaker systems have proved incredibly popular with home cinema enthusiasts around the world, delivering dynamic and powerful cinema experiences in the home.

Krix are incredibly pleased to announce the new flagship model to join the Series MX range – the MX-40. The new 3-way design features a dedicated high frequency compression driver and newly engineered 6” midrange driver, both coupled to a brand new single-mould, dual-horn system that has been developed by Krix over the last three years. Principle benefits of the horn are a uniform, constant directivity pattern, improved frequency response and extremely low distortion, even when pushed to immense sound pressure levels.




The front main speakers incorporate the proven 15” Krix bass driver, while the subwoofer modules house authoritative 18” woofers. The resulting driver and horn complement deliver an incredibly smooth and dynamic cinema sound.

The MX-40 maintains the same system height and depth of the MX-30, with only the system width increasing to 3165mm. This means that you won’t need to give up any extra depth in the home cinema room, allowing more room for seating, acoustic treatments or bar fridge!




Scott Krix mentions:

“Each Series MX system already delivers huge excitement and presence – we wanted to take it up a notch and see what was possible with a 3-way MX in the range. We’ve invested significant time to prototype and develop the new dual horn system, and the resulting MX-40 is capable of incredibly smooth, accurate, defined and powerful life-like sound.”


This will be the first Series MX system that is bi-ampable and incorporates two pairs of binding posts per speaker module. The acoustic material on the front baffle has also undergone a redesign, with the patterned acoustic material giving the unit a refined style and increasing the overall surface area of absorption.




Pricing is yet to be confirmed for the MX-40, with shipping to begin in Q2 2020. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for further details.