Neuphonix Mk2 and Epicentrix Mk2 Released

We challenged our design engineers to see if they could improve on the legendary Krix Neuphonix floorstanding loudspeakers. The bass energy provided by the quad bass driver design and the fantastic stereo imaging delivered by the ring radiator tweeter made this a very difficult task.

It took the engineering team some time, but they have finally come up with an updated version that warrants the release of the Mk2. Upgrades include a refined baffle, scalloped-edge grille and a solid metal base plate with rubber feet and options for spikes.

At the heart of the upgrade are updated bass drivers with oversize magnets, resulting in punchier, tighter bass control for a more refined sound. This also meant that the team were able to reduce the size of the enclosure slightly without affecting the bass extension you have come to expect from this iconic speaker. The Mk2 cabinets are 20mm shorter, but more importantly 30mm shallower in depth, meaning placement in the room and particularly away from a wall is now much easier.




Both the Neuphonix and Epicentrix have undergone full cabinet re-designs, incorporating enhanced bracing to provide very strong and resonant free enclosures. The terminal plate has been completely upgraded, featuring a brushed aluminium plate and gold plated brass binding posts.