Series MX Range Expands

Since their release in 2015, the MX-20 and MX-30 have proven incredibly popular with home cinema enthusiasts, who have affectionately nicknamed the behind screen systems as “Walls of Sound”. With our commercial cinema heritage, the engineers at Krix have been busy adapting the technology used in our larger commercial speaker systems into behind screen speaker systems that can be used in residential home cinemas – bringing all the excitement and adventure of the movies to your home.


This technology ranges from Krix custom-engineered drivers, to the Krix infinite baffle wall seen worldwide, to our patented horn technology… and much more. All encapsulated in a slim depth modular system, so that minimal space is taken up in the room compared to typical behind screen speaker installations.

The new Krix MX-5 (700mm tall and 2025mm wide), featuring the Krix Waveguide, 8″ mid-bass drivers and 11″ subwoofer drivers.


After many requests from dealers and end-users for systems with the same benefits for smaller rooms, Krix is proud to announce the MX-5 and MX-10 modular screen speaker systems. The MX-5 is designed to deliver optimal performance in smaller rooms of 15sqm to 25sqm, while the MX-10 is aimed at mid-size rooms of 25sqm to 35sqm. These two models are even slimmer in depth than their larger siblings, allowing even more flexibility of installation options. The MX-5 has a depth of only 190mm, while the MX-10 depth is 205mm. Both models use passive subwoofers to ensure that nothing serviceable is located behind the screen – you’ll just need to provide them with amplification.

The new Krix MX-10 (940mm tall and 2025mm wide), featuring the Krix Waveguide, 10″ mid-bass drivers and 12″ subwoofers drivers.


The MX-5 will be making its debut in the Selby Acoustics room (#1312) at the Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show from the 18th to 20th October. Both systems are available for order now with stock to be delivered early November. More information, including minimum screen sizes, can be found here for the MX-5 and here for the MX-10.