Sound+Image Awards 2020

The annual Sound+Image Awards were held last night in Sydney, honouring excellence in the design, manufacture and installation of audio and home entertainment equipment.

We are pleased to announce the MX-5 has been awarded the “Speaker Installation Product of the Year” – making this Krix’s fifth custom install award in six years and reaffirming Krix’s dedication to delivering the most versatile range of high performance systems in the dedicated home cinema market.

2015 – Epix
2016 – Series SX
2017 – Series MX
2018 – Series MX
2020 – MX-5

When the MX-5 launched, Sound+Image wrote:

“The first two Series MX solutions were the MX-20 and MX-30. Their combination of LCR and dual subwoofer modules into easily-installed screen speaker systems have become extremely popular, and have inevitably been nicknamed Krix’s ‘Wall of Sound’.

But could this solution work in smaller spaces?”

The answer was a resounding yes – after hearing the MX-5 in action, Sound+Images reviewers were blown away with the performance delivered from such a compact system.

Krix would also like to congratulate Abacus Acoustic, who received the “Cinema Design Gold Award” for their dual audio system room featuring Krix Series X speakers behind the screen.



Congratulations to all award recipients, you can see a full list of the award winners over at AVHub.