Intro to cinema

Intro to cinema


Scott was approached by the owner of a local cinema (The Capri), who passed by the Acoustic Foundry on his way to work daily. He was intrigued by the speakers, which Scott had built at university and displayed in the store’s front window.


Scott then designed and built PA-style loudspeakers for the cinema, they were rear horn loaded and featured dual 15-inch low frequency (LF) drivers. There were no subwoofers in the installation, so Scott thought it was necessary to provide as much LF ‘grunt’ as possible.


Upon installation of the new speakers, Scott began the process of equalising the cinema. A significant acoustic problem was discovered, due to sound reflecting off the front wall behind the speakers, which then interfered with the direct sound. To solve this problem, Scott built the world’s first ‘Infinite Baffle Wall’.


The baffle wall consisted of a rigid structure around the screen speakers and was mounted flush with the speaker baffles. The audience side of the baffle wall was coated in acoustic absorbent material.



Krix cinema installations grow to cover 90% of national cinema expansions.