The Acoustic Foundry

The Acoustic Foundry


Scott, realising his hobby had developed somewhat of a ‘cult-like’ status, opened a traditional HiFi shop in a suburb of Adelaide, where like-minded individuals could browse, listen to music, purchase, and create their own HiFi systems – just like Scott and all his friends were doing.


He named it the Acoustic Foundry.


The Acoustic Foundry clientele were initially often university students and others who liked something a little bit different, and the brand grew from there.


The Acoustic Foundry found its niche and began selling Design Your Own Systems (DYOS). This unique approach laid the speaker elements out in separate enclosures, switchable via a console with different filters for auditioning. Customers would bring in their own favourite music (vinyl at the time) and try different components until they had the sound to their liking.


Scott would subsequently construct the selected, potentially one-of-a-kind system to the preferred level of finalisation. This could involve using only supplied components and plans or delivering a fully assembled and finished product.


Picture: Pair of LF1s