Trinnov Announce +4 and IMAX Enhanced Update

As the Australian distributors for Trinnov, we’re pleased to announce two free enhancement updates to the Altitude processor platform.

In an exciting and unprecedented move, the software release will add 4 extra output channels to both the Altitude16 and Altitude32 models, free of charge*. In addition, Trinnov’s IMAX Enhanced application has been certified and will now be officially supported in both Altitude models.

Both of these major features are expected to become available by mid-October and will be accessible to Altitude owners through a free software download.


Altitude16 now supports 20 discrete Optimized channels

The “+4” feature on the Altitude16 is enabled by converting the Toslink output of the Altitude16 to ADAT. ADAT is a well-known transport protocol in the professional and production music industry that allows the carriage of four channels at up to 96 kHz. With this approach, Altitude owners can enable four extra outputs with the addition of a simple external D/A converter.

Arnaud Laborie, Trinnov Co-Founder and CEO – said the following:

“We have always been committed to high spatial resolution and we are now taking the extra step to enable this benefit across a higher number of home theater installations by adding four extra discrete and acoustically optimized outputs. Among countless new possibilities, this update now allows Altitude16 owners to support the very popular 9.4.6 speaker layout and maximize low frequency and 3D sound performance with our fully integrated calibration suite.”

On all Altitude32 models, these extra outputs will be available via the built-in AES/EBU outputs.

*Requires external D/A converter

Imax Enhanced

IMAX Enhanced Functionality

After months of certification testing, we’re also pleased to officially announce the availability of IMAX Enhanced on the Altitude platform. As some of you may know, IMAX Enhanced utilises DTS:X technology. With some exciting new announcements expected for more IMAX Enhanced native content, home cinema enthusiasts will be able to fully appreciate Trinnov’s unique implementation of the Neural:X upmixer, which can use up to all 30 channels of the DTS:X Pro specification.