WestCoast HiFi Midland’s VIP night: An evening of innovation and audiophile bliss!

Last month, tech enthusiasts converged at WestCoast HiFi Midland‘s store in Perth for an exclusive VIP night that promised to be a celebration of cutting-edge audio technology and industry expertise. WestCoast HiFi Midland played host to three distinguished guest speakers: Dale Fitzgerald and Matt Kirk-Bunnand from Sony, and the legendary Scott Krix from Krix.

The night kicked off with a bang as Dale Fitzgerald and Matt Kirk-Bunnand, representing the powerhouse that is Sony, took the stage. Sharing insights into the latest advancements in visual technology from Sony. They then delved into demonstrations and discussed the intricacies of Sony’s true 4K projectors.

The excitement reached its pinnacle when the man behind the iconic Krix brand, Scott Krix, stepped into the spotlight after being introduced by the legendary Don Mackenzie Krix Senior Sales Executive to unveil the much-anticipated LX-7. Attendees were introduced to our new high-performance passive loudspeaker, custom-built in Australia for screen sizes 75 inch and above. Featuring left, centre and right channels, the LX-7 redefines expectations of what a ‘soundbar’ can achieve.

Beyond the product launches and presentations, WestCoast HiFi Midland‘s VIP night provided an opportunity for attendees to connect with like-minded enthusiasts over a few nibbles and drinks.

Scott Stay and the team at WestCoast HiFi Midland continue to make their showroom and the customer experience truly exceptional. It comes as no surprise that they earned the prestigious title of the 2022-2023 Krix Dedicated Home Cinema award, and are leading the way in sales of the new LX-7 within Australia.

Missed the VIP night? Fear not! WestCoast HiFi Midland have these products (plus many many more) listed above on display and continue to be one of the go-to destination for Krix enthusiasts to audition products.