Feel the rumble of thunder as it approaches, the shriek of violins when the shadows loom, the breath of young lovers as their eyes meet – for a truly immersive sound experience that can only come from a lifetime in cinema, it’s got to be Krix.


Suppliers to national and international cinema multiplexes for over 40 years, Krix has taken the same high-quality driver technology used in their world renowned commercial cinema speakers, and scaled them impeccably to suit the home cinema environment.


Krix dedicated home cinema speakers provide a vast, immersive sound stage with optimum dispersion, vocal intelligibility, and responsive bass, ensuring every soundtrack is delivered with high intensity and authority. Extreme bass levels, a smooth frequency response and an expansive dynamic range combine for all-encompassing, uncompromising home cinema sound. A conduit for the expression of art through film, Krix speakers were made to move you.


For the ultimate cinema experience at home, play it through Krix.

Series SX


Real cinema sound for small to medium size dedicated rooms.

Series MX


Modular systems to sit behind your screen, just like the movies.

Series X


For large, dedicated rooms, it doesn’t get any better than this.