For the discerning ear – listening for the fine nuances in a classical piece, the booming bass on a rock track, or the slow tap of an enemy’s footsteps on screen – only a speaker that provides the feeling, complexities and true experience of sound is good enough.


The Krix home entertainment range is crafted for those looking for uncompromised sound quality at home. With the entire range timbre matched to create a surround sound experience that will truly envelop, Krix speakers will perform equally as well in your home theatre or dedicated two channel listening room, as they will playing your favourite vinyl record on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


With a range of handcrafted and custom finishes, Krix home entertainment speakers will not only faithfully reproduce the ultimate sound quality and experience, they will look as striking in your home as they sound. A conduit for the expression of art through music and film, Krix speakers were born to move you.


For the ultimate sound experience at home, play it through Krix.



Sitting atop your cabinet or entertainment unit, these bookshelf speakers will liven up any room.



With more extension and output than bookshelf speakers, these floorstanders bring the performance right to your seat.

Centre Channel


Arguably the most important speaker for movies. Have your dialogue clear and your effects sublime.



Nothing immerses you in a soundtrack like Krix surround speakers. Be part of the action.



Unearth true bass. Introduce a subwoofer to your system and prepare for low frequency goodness.

In Ceiling


Create ambience in your room or rock through a concert – the ultimate in discrete listening.

In Wall


Hide your speakers without sacrificing performance. These in wall designs are game-changers for your living room or home theatre.



Add some atmosphere to your next barbecue or pool party. Weather exposure is no issue for these speakers.



While the focus is often on speakers, sometimes the little things can make a big difference.