Krix at ISE in 2024

Krix celebrates 50 year anniversary at ISE 2024


Krix is thrilled to announce their return to Barcelona to the renowned Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) event in 2024, marking a momentous occasion as they celebrate their 50th anniversary. Krix will be exhibiting alongside partners and leading audio and visual technology innovators, Trinnov, Barco Residential and Officina Acustica, where they will present an immersive 13.1.16  speaker layout featuring an impressive array of fourteen subwoofers.

The alliance of these industry giants brings together the cutting-edge technologies of us, Krix, in premium analogue sound solutions, Trinnov’s expertise in digital immersive audio processing, Barco’s state-of-the-art visual display solutions, and Officina Acustica’s mastery in acoustic design. The result is a comprehensive and unparalleled suite of integrated solutions that promises to deliver a transformative experience for all.

“We are excited to return to ISE in 2024 with Trinnov, Barco and Officina Acustica and celebrate our 50th anniversary with all of the industry’s leading professionals. Our journey over the past five decades has been marked by innovation, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. ISE provides the perfect platform to showcase our latest products, connect with our valued partners, and engage with the community that defines our industry,” said Gary Krix, CEO.

The 13.1.16 (with 14 subwoofers) layout exemplifies Krix’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio technology for residential applications, mirroring the reputation we have established in the commercial cinema world.

The three screen speakers are the Cinematix. These 3-way, dual 15” speakers feature Krix’s patented horns to provide a uniform and constant directivity pattern, yielding improved frequency response and consistent audience coverage.

There are sixteen surround speakers across the listener and upper-level layers, consisting of Hyperphonix 45s and Krix’s latest on-wall and on-ceiling speaker, the OWX-55. Placed in top front and front wide positions, these new additions to the Krix range also feature constant directivity horns and are capable of immense output for their size.

Krix have elevated their subwoofer performance levels this year while simultaneously lowering bass extension by specifying fourteen subwoofers, each housing two 18” drivers. With eight subwoofers located at the front and six at the rear, these prototype subs produce infrasonic bass at extraordinary levels with incredibly low distortion.

In addition to their partnered demonstration with Trinnov, Barco Residential, and Officina Acustica, Krix will showcase their recently launched LCR (soundbar), the LX-7, and introduce their versatile new products, the OWX-50 and OWX-55, in a static display at booth number 2C500. Visitors can expect to witness live demonstrations of the integrated solutions, showcasing the seamless partnership of audio and visual technologies to create an unmissable experience.

ISE 2024 is scheduled from 30 January 2024 to 2 February 2024 in Barcelona.

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