Home cinema doesn’t get any bigger, or better, than Series X.


Utilising decades of research and engineering experience and featuring the same technology used in Krix’s internationally recognised commercial cinema speakers, the Krix Series X speakers and subwoofers are made for custom use in dedicated home cinemas greater than 6 metres in length.


Requiring slightly more space at the front of your cinema room than Series SX or MX, the Series X range of speakers are designed to sit behind large acoustically transparent screens. These are not for small rooms… or the faint of heart.


Larger rooms are generally filled with more seats – and you want every viewer to get the best out of the experience. All Series X screen speakers feature Krix’s patented horn technology, ensuring optimum dispersion throughout your entire home cinema space, making every seat a great one.


High power handling, a smooth frequency response and incredible dynamic range will ensure your dedicated cinema emanates the highest quality cinema sound.

2 Way


True horn and compression driver technology delivers blindingly accurate response and detail across all seats.

3 Way


Building on the 2 way design, these 3 way speakers feature a dedicated midrange driver for enhanced dialogue clarity and smooth response.



Easy installation and high power output allow these surround and overhead speakers to deliver movie soundtracks and effects at full throttle.



Low frequency effects are the foundation of a great soundtrack. Hear every explosion and feel every rumble.